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Ram Product Utilization

Figure G: Rail System Optionst
This is a view of one of our Rails with two mounting bases attached. These two mounting bases attach to your machine's table for quick mounting and removal of the rail beam. The one base is the same base that you can then mount your A and B-style adapters - perfect for setting up smaller fixtures in your machine. On this rail, we also show our Rail Vise - which can be moved (clamp jaw and stationary jaw) to accomodate a wide range of parts. On the far side of the Rail, you see a set of RWT-RALFT for holding round or rectangular parts by means of strap clamps. With the rigid structure and standard 8mm tapped holes, the applications of our rails are endless. As shown in the other two set-ups, we have adapters to mount the smaller fixtures to thr rail system for machining through the night or for longer run times.

Figure G

Figure H: Rail System Options

You can also mount to the side using our Rail System, by utilizing standard strap clamps (shown to the left). Or you can mount one of our RWT-RAIL-PL parts (shown to the right behind circular product) to create a larger mounting surface for securing taller parts.
Figure H
Figure I: Rail System Options
Here is a view of our Rail System with two smaller fixtures mounted to the side- essentially bridging the open work area. This unique set-up can help utilize more of your machine's area for unattended work hours.

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Figure I

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