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     Ram Precision… Experience Counts.

With over 45 years in the EDM / tool & die industry (much of which centered on the medical and aerospace fields), we understand the critical focus needed to be kept on process control. Quality tooling and fixturing linked to your equipment is the foundation of that process control. This logic is what has helped mold Ram Precision to be a "lean" operation.

Following this logical path led us to designing and developing a fixture system of our own – a system that is both precise and reliable – and is now available for you at prices that are attractive to smaller EDM shop operations. 

Essentially, our focus is to help all EDM departments create a smoother, more efficient work flow. Smooth work flow = increased production = less stress. With all of this in place, our tooling system will practically pay for itself.

Time, is indeed, money, and we’ll help you save both! Whether it be with our tooling system or helping you with a custom build, contact us today to discover how we can specifically help you and your EDM department.